2019’s Biggest Job Trends: What Skills We Need Today, and What Gen Z Will Bring to the Workplace

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We are still talking about millennials, but the rise of Gen Z is a trend to watch. They will make up 20% of the workforce by 2020 and 98% have used tech as part of education.

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2019’s Biggest Job Trends: What Skills We Need Today, and What Gen Z Will Bring to the Workplace. Parade April 12,

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We realize that today’s workplace is much more complex than years ago because of trends like the economy, technology, automation and globalization. Since we specialize in workplace trends, we feel accountable for disseminating all of this information and giving you recommendations that will help your company, and your workers.

Shifts from Generation Y to Generation Z.. their liberal core values resemble the ones we know from Gen Y. The biggest change is in how they approach the world.. A novel attribute of Gen Z.

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Millennials Are Old News: What Do Gen Z Workers Want?. New college graduates name career growth as their top desire from their first jobs, with fulfilling work and stability tied for a distant.

Root cause for the mismatch between what this next generation can bring to the workplace vs skills needed is because. us getting out of the mess we’re in. We are still talking about millennials,

How to make your business Gen Z friendly. To get the very best of Gen Z, you need to first attract them to your company, then harness their skills whilst meeting their expectations by offering progression opportunities; ideally through apprenticeships and on-the-job training.

Generation Z has a great amount of drive, talent, and ambition to bring to the table. They are not above working hard for their paycheck, they are loyal, and are able to innovate your company to.

Gen Z has experienced a lot as they have approached their entrance into the workplace. Their young lives have been impacted by the Great Recession, a hot job market, and the growing prominence of technology in every part of their lives.

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