A Documentary About A River In New Zealand That Is Classified As A Person Under The Law

Earlier this year, the New Zealand Parliament passed a remarkable piece of legislation declaring the Whanganui River to be a legal person. This was quickly taken up by global media: " New Zealand declares a river a person ," read the headline in the Economist , in an article that revealed uncertainty about what such legal recognition meant.

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It starts as an alpine stream, then gains steam with waters from other major tributaries. By the time it reaches its mouth at the Tasman Sea on the southwest side of the North Island, it’s a formidable force. And now, reports the BBC, it has been given the same legal status as a person under New Zealand law.

In a landmark case for the Rights of Nature, officials in New Zealand granted the Whanganui, the nation’s third-longest river, with legal personhood "in the same way a company is, which will give.

New Zealand Just Gave This River Human Rights The first river-that-is-a-person in the world.. a river in New Zealand has just been granted personhood.

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The Ganges River is now a person according to a new indian law. (image: wikimedia) courts in New Zealand and India have granted legal personhood status to three rivers.

Maltby had placed an ad in a newspaper under a fake name. Police told the Weekend Herald the Mayes case is considered New Zealand’s "oldest missing person case on record. or her body was ever found.

In a world-first a New Zealand river has been granted the same. New Zealand’s third-largest river given same legal rights as a person . Hong Kong.. The new law now honoured and reflected.

A Documentary About A River In New Zealand That Is Classified As A Person Under The Law 3 diggs Nature Video Documentary How and why the government of New Zealand worked with the indigenous Maori to legally confer a river the rights of an individual to the Whanganui River.

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