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Pollinator Habitat Assistance. Pollinators like bats, bees, beetles, butterflies and hummingbirds play a key role in pollinating most of the fruits and vegetables we all like to eat. However, many of these pollinators populations have been declining.

need for pesticides on your farm. pollinator habitat can also provide habitat for other wildlife, such as birds, serve as windbreaks, help stabilize the soil, and improve water quality. Pollinators have two basic habitat needs: a diversity of flowering native or naturalized plants, and egg-laying or nesting sites. The NRCS can assist landowners with

Since pollinators start searching for food as soon as the weather warms up, even in winter, thinking about providing pollinator food in the shoulder seasons is a good place to start. Most home vegetable gardens get going from May to September (depending on your planting zone). During this time, pollinator food should be plentiful.

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Pollinators need your help! There is increasing evidence that many pollinators are in decline. However, there are some simple things you can do at home to encourage pollinator diversity and abundance.

A Few Tips for Getting Started Building a Pollinator Habitat To implement a successful project, one of the key components is to learn from local experts. Local Audubon societies, beekeepers, garden clubs, university extension programs, and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service are great places to start.

We will brush cut as the weeds get tall. Looking forward to see how our sites grow and become established in the future, and to find more.

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4 Maintaining Your Pollinator Habitat Maintaining Your Pollinator Habitat 5 This guide is designed to assist with maintaining a pollinator habitat. Pollinator habitats can include: Small scale pollinator gardens, such as those found in backyards, schools, churches and businesses. Large natural meadow restoration sites.

Provide native flowering plants and trees that sustain pollinators with nutrient rich nectar and pollen. Learn more about the plants in your region that pollinators evolved with and rely upon. cover cluster plantings close together to provide pollinators’ shelter and camouflage from predators. Places to Raise Young

Pollinator Habitat Installation Guides Growing the right flowers, shrubs, and trees with overlapping bloom times is the single most effective course of action to support pollinators from spring through fall.

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