Jimmy Kimmel Interviews The Kid Who Went Viral For Shaving His Siblings Heads

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Here to perfectly illustrate that dichotomy is the Plucknette Family, who recently went viral on Instagram after little Teddy found an electric razor and decided to give his siblings a trim. In the clip above from jimmy kimmel live!, they chat through the whole saga again.

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Jimmy Kimmel Interviews The Kid Who Went Viral For Shaving His Siblings Heads 0 diggs late night kids funny Video A very cute family with one devious child jokes with Kimmel about their newfound viral fame.

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The family behind the viral Instagram story of the kid who shaved his siblings’ heads have been interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel.

Kids shave heads while mom from Upstate NY showered: See the viral video Updated Apr 17, 2019; Posted Apr 17, 2019 Stephanie and Ben Plucknette, both natives of Rochester, N.Y., appear on "Jimmy.

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Jimmy chats with the family from San Antonio whose home video has gone viral after the mother discovered what happens when you leave three young kids alone with hair clippers.

A Texas mom hopped in the shower before heading to work and got out to quite the surprise.

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