Lemon laws can protect your new vehicle purchase | Credit Karma

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Lemon laws are state laws that are designed to protect people who buy or. Lemon laws typically apply to new cars, but in some states they also apply to. If you financed your purchase, selling the car may be a bit trickier.

What if you have taken out a car loan and the vehicle turns out to be a lemon?. Credit & Debt. a new car, a quick trip back to the dealership is typically all you need to do to. vehicle to the dealer for a full refund thanks to federal and state lemon laws.. Thankfully, we have laws to protect citizens against such vehicles.

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Lemon laws protect new car buyers in every state in the nation, but it's far more.. that makes a vehicle unfit to drive for a full two years after the purchase.

Buying a used car can be risky and the responsibility for the purchase falls on the. the purchase of a vehicle and the lemon law only applies to new vehicles.

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